Friday, October 23, 2009

With honor to Elizabeth McKim/Having Come This Far/Always has to go further/A WANTON CHILD IN THE PARK

  • Once when we were traveling on the motorcycle/we stopped in this dusty town and had a coke/I was afraid/where is Steve/was he going to find me/Here I am in Sweden/and he's in West Virginia/why was I so alone/didn't he know that I was calling him. What are we doing now that someone is calling us and we don't know . Do you write on the subway when you're going to work. Is that lil' journal in and out of your pocket/like some crazed person. What did you learn at the park/not to sit on people's feet at concerts/that your baby needs a chance to excel/that pride is given by the parents/poor children /the ones who are without their working pare
    /trying to give more and more/building a foundation of brick/a fortress which works/a hollow log to cozy up to at night. My girl put the baby's sweater and hat on/I took it off/like some silly child/it's 75degrees in the sun/but this princess must be swaddled in a half sleeping bag and two layers/but my little baby boy is wet and drenched with water that the lady permitted him to drink out of a miniature Evian bottle/we watch the crowd with a wistful eye/my grandbaby boy and I/what horror has my daughter seen that permits her to let her baby go naked in the park w/ the cold Fall shadows lurking/her grand view of the world/her new venture in motherhood/oh cut the shit/she tells me/she knows about gentility and grace/she is a master of finesse/she's the proper one/and to boot/the kid had the time of his life/how/tell me how could she be this high/MOMEEE/dADDEEE/ who will carry the dirty children home/w/muddy faces/ahh the soap smells sweet/sit down and wait for the bread to rise/always known the answers/watching it turn/bursting out/one last time.....Thank-you Sis

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